TIMBRE By Sandbox

Featuring Yasmine Kenawi, Logina Salah, Menna & Haneen

Sandbox FW18 collection by Suhayla Al Sheikh

Production by O-Art Studio

Photography by Henar Sherif & Adel Essam

Videography by Mahmoud Mostafa & Mohamed El Harmel

Make Up by Essmat El Kholy

The fashion industry has been improving on the issue of diversity and Suhayla’s latest collection embodies this exact topic. Her latest jewelry pieces are seen on women (including myself) with Marginalized skin types - Vitiligo, Albino and Freckled skin - in order to empower body positivity in the Arab region.

I’m truly blessed to be a part of such a powerful campaign and working alongside make up artist Logina Salah, who dedicated her social media platform to help inspire other young women with Vitiligo. Suhayla’s message is not only empowering but it truly highlights that all women are beautiful. I’ve been asked many times whether I’d remove my freckles with lazer and my answer would always be NO. Even though freckles have become a beauty trend lately, many women still prefer to remove them or cover them entirely with make up. I’ve never owned one bottle of foundation and will never own one. After answering all of Suhayla’s questions, I decided to conclude our interview with: Would I actually be comfortable without my freckles?