There's nothing cooler than a fashion statement with a great cause. Meet Up-fuse a fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing you some environmental friendly bags and other accessories by supporting local communities in Cairo. I, for one, love a brand with a kick ass approach in trying to rid our Earth of its pollution and make it a better place. The designers, Yara and Rania have developed upcycling methods to transform the current plastic bags lying around many garbage areas in Egypt into eco-friendly accessories, such as bags, laptop cases and stationary pouches. Many of their bags are handmade of around thirty upcycled plastic bags, each one having a unique color and pattern. Other than their eco-conscious mandate, they have collaborated with an Egyptian NGO called "Roh El Shabab" located in Cairo's Garbage City to teach many children and women the process of upcycling and offer them better working conditions. Their products are all sustainably produced by local artisans, which provides a deeper connection to the brand's mission. By purchasing one item from Up-fuse you'd be providing health and education awareness, as well as income to the sewers and the Garbage City community. 


Up-fuse is the first Egyptian eco-friendly brand that has been taking several actions to make our Earth a better place. This is why I've partnered with them to show you that even the most sustainable products can be styled in a cool and edgy way. Over the next few months, I'll be adding several outfits that can be worn with one of their products. Whether it's for a day out with friends, a brunch party, hiking, going to the gym or even a fancy dinner there are many ways to include Up-fuse in your wardrobe. And hey, you'll be dressing up for a charitable cause. Nothing beats that! It's YOUR turn to take action.

Check out their products and find out more about the brand's story and mission:

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