A few weeks ago, my two friends and fiancee set out on a ten hour road trip to West Texas. It was one hell of adventure! It's crazy how one state can be so different depending on which side you live on. I loved it there though, four days were definitely not enough. However, I don't think either one of us will ever camp in a tent anymore. That was probably the hardest part of the trip. Our itinerary included leaving Houston at 5 am to arrive at Big Bend National Park at around 3 pm. Once we got there, we set up our camping ground and slept early in order to get ready for a full new day. 


Big Bend was insanely beautiful!!! The trails have the best scenic views ever. Our campground was in the Chisos Basin area, which is basically next to the lodge and a bunch of the popular trails there. Honestly, if you're an amateur camper I'd advise to stay in the lodge because there are no showers or phone reception. The only way to talk to anyone outside of the park was by connecting to the hotel lobby's wifi and you could only do that if you're actually inside the lobby. However, the campsite does have clean bathrooms and it's super high up on the mountains so it has extremely beautiful views. I'd recommend any of the trails in that area. The best one was definitely the lost mine trail. Also during our two days there we didn't encounter any wildlife. 


After staying in Big Bend for two nights, we continued our adventure to Marfa, Texas. We encountered this super cool Target art installation on the way. It was super random. Then we finally made it to the Prada Marfa art installation, which was actually the whole point of the trip. I'm sure you've seen or heard about this super random Prada store in the middle of the West Texas desert. This art project was actually made by artists Elmgreen & Dragset. It's modeled after the Prada boutique and includes luxury goods from the fall 2005 collection. FUN FACT: there is no door and the products inside are highly secured. Apparently the bags are all ripped from the bottom and attached to a security monitor, as well as only right footed shoes are on display. It was super cool seeing it in real life. 


Our final destination before heading back to Houston was El Cosmico. Now this is definitely a hidden gem and a perfect place to relax. Many celebrities like Beyonce have visited this famous hotel. Actually we stayed in the same trailer Beyonce and her sister stayed in a few years back. I loved this place, I wished I could stay there for a week. There are different types of accommodations depending on your party size. There are teepees, safari tents, yurts and trailers of all sizes. It's super bohemian and perfect for a desert escape. It was the perfect last day!

Here's a mini video of our trip that Maryam made.

I definitely recommend a trip to West Texas. We had such a great time in just a short amount of time :)