Palm Springs

Some bar in Santa Monica

Palms Springs and Newport Beach

Second Night at Sharkees in Newport Beach

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

So last weekend I went to California to visit my best friends. Let's just say it was quite a weekend I won't forget... I don't even know where to begin! Well, before going to Cali, I was SOOOO excited that I was finally going to be able to lay out and catch some of that sun's heat and of course, get tanned! Well... That didn't happen. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed by a disgustingly cold and rainy day in California. The funniest part was when my friend told me that they've been having a drought for almost two months and it's the first time they've seen rain in a while.. HA HA, just my luck. Anyways, with or without sun I was still going to enjoy my relaxing weekend in "sunny" California. The first night was hella fun and I actually got to meet Jeremy from the hit TV show "The Vampire Diaries". (one of my all time faves) Just kidding, we didn't meet him, we just saw him leave from this really cool bar called Bungalow as we were waiting in line to get in. But still, how random and cool is that?! Let's just say the first night ended well :)

I woke up the next day thinking WELLLL maybe there will be sun.. but NO there wasn't, still cloudy and it even rained way more than the day before, seriously that's when I just gave up! Our plan to go to Venice Beach was a complete fail. So, we decided to go bar hopping around Newport Beach and it was actually so much fun, not to mention our server ended up giving us a free round of chips and salsa.. WOO! After that, I finally was able to have some of that In-N-Out Burger again.. Definitely missed that. Best.Burger.Ever. Thank god it's far far away from my reach though or I would've been ten times my size. 

Its SUNDAY, I wake up and... YES its beautiful and sunny! :) So guess what we do... We head to Palm Springs. Now that was a random and adventurous day! We drove an hour and a half to get some of that desert heat, only to find that the car's tire has ripped and we definitely can't drive it back... WOOPS! Well we still went to the pool, relaxed and tanned... YES I FINALLY GOT TO TAN! My friends were saying I was mesmerized by the sun, but the thing is I actually was. I hadn't felt that kind of heat on my body in so long, I actually had forgotten how it felt. Well we go back to the car and contact roadside assistance to help us with our problem. While waiting for someone to come tow the car for us back, we end up at this AMAZING Mexican restaurant called Maracas, it was so so so good. However, while we were enjoying our delicious food, we found out that our car won't be towed until 12 am and it was only 8 pm... We freaked out just a little! But my best friend's boyfriend was able to reach out to a few of his friends and help did come for us and we made it home safely (Phew!). Also, I got to meet some pretty great people which is always fun and exciting. Let's just say being stranded in Palm Springs was definitely a great way to say goodbye to California. 

Till next time Cali xo