Makeup and Hair by Liana Prinzevalli

Photos with my iPhone 7 by Liana Prinzevalli

Hey everyone! Happy pre-Valentine's Day! Who's excited for a day full of love, happiness, chocolates and roses? Well, even though my fiancee is literally all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, nothing is stopping us from having our Valentine's Day dinner together. Well, in this case I would be having lunch and he would be having dinner. UGH long distance time zone probs. Anyways Liana and I decided to join forces and come up with an inspiration for your Valentine's Day outfit. With hair and makeup, we decided on a warm natural look. Braids are super trendy now by the way AND they look great in pictures ;) With the outfit, I decided on something cute but sexy at the same time and nothing is better than some red denim with a leopard coat. I probably would've worn this outfit if my fiancee and I were going out to a cute restaurant or just taking a walk by the pier and enjoying a romantic sunset. 

I hope this look brought some inspiration to your special day and most importantly HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Wearing: Zara Pants || Missguided Bodysuit || Zara Coat || Okhtein Bag || Public Desire Boots ||