*All images taken by my awesome friend Maryam Nafie Insta: @frenchfriez Facebook: Perceptive Pupil

We had so much fun shooting this, probably because the Biscuit Paint Wall is super hypnotizing and so colorful. Unfortunately, we get there and there was some sort of flea market going on... Right in front of the wall! But that didn't stop us from taking some awesome pics :) I love this outfit! Very cute, casual and perfect for the summer time. AND yes, LADIES IS PIMPS TOO, at least Jay-Z says so. This crop top is super cute and is a perfect height, since it's not too short or too long. Also, can't believe these skirts are back in style, and better than before! They can be worn with any top and still be totally hip.. There were two colors, light blue and dark blue! I'm all about light colors for the summer time.


Wearing: Millioneress Top || Urban Outfitters Skirt || Topshop Shoes || TBD eyewear Sunglasses