Finals week is here and stress is at an all time high. I'm going to have to keep this short because I have a huge project due tonight... HELP :( Anyways, these last few weeks have been really great, if you have been following me on social media, you would know that I accepted a PR internship with LANVIN (YAY :D). Honestly in the beginning it was really hard to believe, but I guess hard work really does pay off and when you really work your ass for something, it will happen. I can't wait to be sharing that experience with you next semester. Other than that, I've been working on two new projects that I will reveal more about by the end of this month. I can assure you that winter break will be full of many different surprises ;) So, this was one of my favorite looks. I really enjoyed styling this camel colored leather skirt with these black suede knee high boots. Rather than just wearing my black turtleneck, I really wanted to change it up and add more color combinations. I thought this top was perfect and all the colors matched really well. Back to the knee high boots, it's actually very tricky to find 'THE ONE'. I think I tried about three different ones until I was satisfied with the one that sat perfectly on my thigh with little gaps at the ankle. I recommend the ones without the zipper because they don't gap as much. 

P.S. It really was raining that day hehe AND click on the images below to S H O P this look.


Wearing: Zara Skirt || Dalton Taylor Top || Steve Madden Boots || Zara Bag || TBD Glasses