Last weekend, I finally got to visit Canada. I went to spend some time with my best friend and celebrate her birthday with her. It's been six years since either one of us celebrated a birthday together and it was really special for the both of us. I'm so glad we got four whole days to relive the old days ;)

So I went to Toronto and let's just say it reminded me of New York mixed with a little bit of Chicago and Boston put together. It's definitely a cleaner and cheaper version of Manhattan. It's really beautiful; the people, the culture, the restaurants, the architecture, I could go on forever. It's definitely a city to visit. On the day of this shoot, we went to Kensington, I loved this area. If you ever visit Toronto, you must go! It has a lot of markets, restaurants and vintage shops. It's a great place to walk around and find some great food or last minute vintage buys. We ate at this restaurant called Wafles & More. IT IS HEAVENLY. They make sweet and savoury Belgian waffles. They were so good, I'm dying for some right now. The graffiti in the area is super cool and would definitely suit any street style shoot. Speaking of street style, I really enjoyed putting this outfit together. I really liked how the whole area just complimented my outfit and vice versa. I've always wanted to do a denim on denim look, with a cool graphic tee. I love these denim flare jeans with the fabric details on the bottom... Super trendy! The jeans have this boyish look which make it super unique and once you style them with heels, they look even cooler. I borrowed these super cute eyeglasses from my friend, she had a good styling eye on that one... They totally fit the look and are also super trendy, make sure to get some. They're EVERYWHERE. 

I had such a great time shooting this look, the vibe, the outfit and the whole area just fit perfectly. It was awesome :) Let me know what you guys think by commenting below. xxx

Photography by Mariam Gendy

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Jeans || Forever 21 T-Shirt || Zara Shoes || Forever 21 Clutch || Both jacket and eyeglasses were from my friend's closet but they can be found in any store right now :)