Photography by Maryam Nafie @frenchhfriez

Before I get into the fashion aspect of this look, I would like to take a moment to tell you about how beautiful this place is. It's well known for attracting all the kite surfaholics and those who want to try it. Soul is what they call it and it's seriously the best place to find serenity and peace... Quite literally. It's the perfect place to do some yoga, get some sun, maybe talk to buddha (lol!), meet some really cool people and just take out some stress the city always holds. Its boho interior and decorations are super cute.. I almost felt like I was in South America or Maldives or even at one of these cool surf hubs in California. You wouldn't find a place like that in Egypt at all. The vibe is awesome... I get why they call it 'Soul'.  

The one thing I love about this photoshoot was that it was taken during sunrise a.k.a 5:30 am... Yep! No joke! No sleep whatsoever... This is probably the first and last time I'll ever do that. The tide was super low then too, it was a beautiful sight. So, let's talk about this beautiful chiffon piece I'm wearing. This is from Fufa's summer collection, which is now available BTW.. Make sure you get one! You can style it in many different ways like over a swimsuit or even just as a top over jeans shorts, like how I have it on. It's perfect for the summer weather because it's very light and very colorful. The crochet band at the top is super cute, it fits with the latest bohemian trend that's going on. It also fits tightly on the shoulders, so you'll never find it falling down or going up like some do. I loved the details that are happening at the bottom, perfect for a festival or the beach. The colors and patterns on this one were my favorite, of course Fufa has a whole lot of them with endless colors, so you will definitely be able to find the one you love. The fabric is really good quality too, which is super important for any kind of clothing in the summer, since they require lots of washing. The piece is super airy and wont make you feel the summer's heat. It's the perfect bohemian outfit for the beach and any summer destination. 

On a side note, HAPPY (belated) EID everyone! :)

Let me know your thoughts xxx

Wearing: Fufa Top || The Bespokes Dude Eyewear Sunglasses || Brandy Melville Shorts