Photography: Mariam El Gendy

Creative direction/styling: Yasmine Kenawi

This editorial piece is probably my favorite until now. I was so excited to finally collaborate with the magnificent duo, known as Okhtein. These brilliant designers are taking Egypt by storm with their artistic bags and cool accessories. "Future Nostalgia" their summer 2016 collection brought back cartoon characters everyone loved during the 90's. They collaborated with The Autism Society in Egypt to support art education and to showcase these children's awesome drawings. Each bag represents each child with his or her own drawing printed on it... Mine is SELIM X OKHTEIN. Of course, this was my favorite because it had JOHNNY BRAVO on it (sigh). It's all about giving back to the community and creating a piece of art all at the same time. PERFECT.  

This editorial is a celebration of Okhtein's creative and artistic work and a chance to show you how brilliant they really are. They have been nominated for Vogue Arabia's 2016 Fashion Prize, you can vote for them here

Wearing: Okhtein Bag || Mango Pants || Express Vest || Topshop Top