I really had a fun time shooting my first self-portrait series. Honestly, it did take a while to get the images I was most pleased with but in the end it was all worthwhile. I really wanted to experiment with different angles and get to know myself behind the lens more. Also, these weren't taken on a professional camera. It was just my iPhone 7, the timer and burst mode. Burst is your best friend when it comes to jumping and crazy hair flipping. 

I've been dying to do a black and white photoshoot for the longest time. I definitely picked the perfect time because this dress is PERFECT for a B/W effect. The pattern and colors played really nicely with how I wanted the shoot to look. It's almost art. This dress is designed by the talented Dalton Taylor, who attends FIT as well. 

The whole point of this photoshoot was experimentation and really just having some 'alone time'... Something you don't get often in NYC. The most important thing in life is getting to know yourself. This journey can all start with a self-portrait. It's fun and you get to experience creating something all on your own. New York can get me really stressed out sometimes. It's my senior year and things are starting to get real. It's my last two semesters as a student. Anxiety is starting to take a toll on me. Not to mention the busyness of attending fashion school and working on my blog. It's hard and many students can relate. Reflecting on my first year, I can't believe what a ride it's been. It's crazy how much this city changes you. It's the best place to wander and really find yourself (cliche I know). BUT IT'S TRUE! I loved, I fought, I created and I learned. 

My advice to YOU is create a self-portrait and have fun. Life IS short and we all need to start somewhere.