Farida Temraz, CEO and Designer of Fashion Label TEMRAZA

Photography by Danni Siminerio

During NYFW, I met with Egyptian fashion designer Farida Temraz, who took New York City by storm with her latest collection, "The Rise of the Pharaohs". Her unique and bedazzled collection headlined in some major publications such as, Fashion Week Online.  

I sat with Farida Temraz to learn more about her journey in creating her latest collection "The Rise of the Pharaohs" and how she felt about debuting it in one of the biggest fashion capitals; New York City. 

How would you describe your "The Rise of the Pharaohs" collection?

"The Rise of the Pharaohs" is inspired by the beauty and essence of the Ancient Egyptians. However, I wanted to focus on more than that, I wanted to show the world that there's more to the Egyptian culture than just the country's enriched and deeply rooted past. There is also modernization, fashion, style and authenticity. Some great Pharaohs such as, Nefirtiti and Cleopatra symbolize power, femininity and beauty. These characteristics highlighted another essence of the collection; women empowerment. 

What inspired the collection?

My inspiration of the Pharaohs influenced the colors used in the collection, not as much as the designs themselves. I used green, gold, white and red, which were the colors that symbolized Ancient Egypt. There were lots of details and texture used with these colors, especially with gold. 

What was the fabrication used in this collection?

I focused on using plain fabrics and adorning them with many different materials and embellishments. You'll find taffeta, organza and textured-like fabrics, as well as lots of embroidery and pleating. 

How did it feel debuting TEMRAZA during New York Fashion Week?

This was my first time debuting a collection during New York Fashion Week. I mean New York is the city of style and fame and out of all places I'm glad I debuted "The Rise of the Pharaohs" collection here. It's definitely an achievement and I'm proud of it. On a side note, TEMRAZA has debuted collections during Los Angeles, London and Paris fashion weeks. Not to mention winning a first place award in a competition among fifteen other talented designers during Paris Fashion Week. But, nothing compares to New York City, I love how it cherishes creativity, the constant inspiration and the fast pace environment. Compared to the other fashion weeks, I got the most responsive feedback. However, there's more to come. 

What makes this collection so special?

Every collection I design is very special to me. It'll always hold a part in me and will always have a story to tell. What's really special about "The Rise of the Pharaohs" collection is that it's inspired by the Egyptian culture and Egypt is home to TEMRAZA, it's where it all started.

What's the most special piece of the collection? Why?

The most special piece of the collection is the finale because it's a combo of several different fabrics sewn together. I believe this look is a trend setter, as it can be worn in multiple ways. It brought a new idea into bridal wear. It can be worn during the religious part of the wedding, as well as the reception afterwards. I used lots of fringe, which is what I love the most about it. It's off shoulder, high neck and flatters the body, especially with it's new and appealing color.  

Make sure to check out "The Rise of the Pharaohs" collection. Below are a few photos of Farida herself, as well as her latest feature in L.A Magazine. 

Photography by Dimitry Loiseau

I absolutely love this TEMRAZA blazer modeled by the designer herself. Maybe a new collection? Well, I might just steal it from her wardrobe and call it a day ;)

Photography by Danni Siminerio

Photography by Danni Siminerio

Photography by Danni Siminerio

Photography by Danni Siminerio

Photography by Danni Siminerio

Photography by Danni Siminerio

Photography by Danni Siminerio