GLAMGLOW, Peter Thomas Roth and KORRES are some of my favorite skin care products. They're all facial masks that leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Definitely recommended and you can get them all from Sephora.


The GLAMGLOW hydrator works perfectly well on my skin. Due to very cold weather, my skin gets really dry, this GLAMGLOW product helped my skin look a lot healthier and shinier. It also has a great scent to it. The small bottle is a perfect size as well, depending on how much hydration your skin needs. You should apply it only three times a week. Once applied, keep it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Other recommendations: PLUMPRAGEOUS: Matte Lip Treatment and BRIGHTMUD EYE TREATMENT



Peter Thomas Roth had a huge impact on my skin as well. I loved the package deal bought from Sephora. The box contains a collection of three of Peter Thomas Roth’s most popular masks to detoxify, repair, and polish skin. The green one is the Cucumber Gel Mask (this is the one I use most often) which helps hydrate and detoxify dry skin (perfect for the cold weather). The pink one is the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask which is great for maintaining a youthful complexion. The brownish one is the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which is an exfoliating treatment that helps with dullness, aging, and a congested complexion. Each mask should be applied on clean skin and left on for ten minutes. Then, rinse off with cold water. They can be used two to three times a week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! My favorite was the cucumber gel mask. My skin feels much softer and much more hydrated than before.


KORRES Sleeping Facial is another one of my favorite facial masks. It's a centuries-old Greek remedy for skin soothing and moisturizing yoghurt that helps nourish stressed and dry skin. The jar contains twice the protein of regular Greek yoghurt and is applied overnight to nourishment and moisturization for a better looking complexion. When I first tried it, I woke up with improvements in my skin texture and more moisturized, softer, stress free and refreshed skin. I love this one!! It works really well with many skin types. Especially that usually my skin reacts with anything I use on it. 

Let me know which ones worked best for you AND Happy Valentine's Day lovelies. xxx