Yes! My favorite time of year! Here are some of the looks I created this year.

I'm pretty sure you've seen many Harley Quinns roam the streets this Halloween. I did this as a makeup tutorial for What Women Want Magazine and it turned out exactly as I hoped. It's actually a pretty simple look and can be done in under 10 minutes. On a sidenote, I'm totally obsessed with Margot Robbie.

I originally wanted to be a clown this Halloween but because of all the clown craze happening across states, I decided it might not be too reasonable. So I decided I would be red riding hood with a clawed out face but I couldn't find her hood (bummer -.-). So I finally decided I would be a dying vampire. I really wanted to try using latex to create a scary and gory wound. I think it worked out pretty well. If you feel like using latex next halloween, it's really simple and there are millions of tutorials on Youtube. I wore blue lenses and added the dark dry veins to emphasize the dead vampire look.

For my final look, I was a doll. I definitely had one that looked like this when I was a little girl. I've always been scared of dolls, especially after watching Chuckie, the horror movie. This was also a pretty simple look. I used a pink wig and blue lenses. Then, I drew the stitches across the edges of my mouth and contoured my cheeks with pink eyeshadow. I added small dots on cheeks and added pink eyeshadow around my entire eye. I was finished in ten minutes max. I loved it!

I love Halloween. It's the time to play dress up and just have fun. I hope these looks would inspire you for next year. Till then xx

P.S. Which was your favorite look? ;)