Contouring Secrets

Smashbox First Impressions Contour Kit

Contouring has become a trend this year... Who doesn't want to work hard for a slimming and sculpted face anyways? When I first found out about contouring, I ran over to Sephora to buy a kit that was easy to use for beginners. I was advised to buy the Step by Step contour kit from smashbox. The palette contains a powdered contour, bronzer and highlighter and comes with an angled brush to easily highlight your cheekbones. For any contouring beginner, this works really well and adds a slimming effect to the face. The palette comes in two colors: light to medium and medium to dark. Below are step by step instructions on how I contour my face, as well as a Youtube Video by Smashbox. 

Step 1: Grab your brush and suck in your cheeks to apply the contour on the hollow areas of your cheekbones. This creates shadows for a slimming effect.

Step 2: Grab an eyeshadow brush and apply the contour on the edge of each nose. This will also apply a slimming effect on the nose area.

Step 3: Apply the bronzer right on the top of your cheekbones and blend it in with the contour, so that there isn't a vivid line down your face. Apply on each side.

Step 4: Apply the highlighter on the center of your nose, blending it carefully with the contour. Then apply under the eyes, on the chin and in the center of the forehead. This draws attention to the center of the face.

The MOST important thing to remember with contouring is to always BLEND.

Below is an image BEFORE blending and AFTER blending

Below is a video by Smashbox on how to use the palette. 

Of course, if you want to take this on another level, you should try contouring based on the shape of your face. This is definitely important, since you want the perfect sculpt for your face shape. Below is a video by Smashbox on determining the shape of your face.

Once, you've determined the face of your shape, then you can contour it in the appropriate way. Below are tutorial links by Smashbox for each face shape.

Contouring for Square Faces

Contouring for Oval Faces

Contouring for Rectangular Faces

Contouring for Heart Faces

Contouring for Round Faces

Buy Smashbox's First Impression Step by Step Contour Kit here

There will be a new post up soon on contour sticks. Let me know your thoughts on the palette. 

Have fun contouring lovelies. xxx